How Can Transcripts and Portfolios Reflect Student Mastery?

With distance learning in place the traditional transcript can't really capture what our students are learning. As teachers re-think their lesson plans to help students learn from home, "passing" a course now means focusing more on skills and competencies.


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  Addressing College Readiness While Distance Learning
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In this session, we'll discuss Mastery Transcripts and Digital Portfolios - two tools that reflect how students are learning today. With these tools, students can reduce the stress they feel about grades and focus more on what they are actually learning.


You'll hear from:

  • Ben Rein of the Mastery Transcript Consortium. The Mastery Transcript illustrates a student's strengths as a learner. Hundreds of high schools are participating in the consortium, and students have already successfully been accepted to college using the Mastery Transcript.
  • David Niguidula, Founder of Richer Picture and the author of Demonstrating Student Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios, who has helped schools across the country use portfolios for graduation.


Join us for our discussion of how schools can ensure that students are able to show their readiness for college, and participate with your questions and ideas about what works best for your school. To listen to the webinar, please register using the form on the right.