Individual Learning Plans for Rhode Island

Richer Picture’s INDIVIDUAL LEARNING PLANS platform will help your school meet the new Rhode Island state requirements - while tracking each student's growth over time.

Richer Picture's ILP features include:

  • Meets State Requirements: Richer Picture fully integrates with Rhode Island's ILP Model Scope and Sequence, PBGRs (including portfolios and senior projects) and State Endorsements.
  • Personalized with Student Voice: Students can earn badges that align with their personal interests and with their academic, career and personal goals.
  • Customized for Your School: Each component of the ILP can be customized for your school. Richer Picture's Course Planner lets students create a 4-year plan based on the specific course offerings - and the specific pathways - that you offer.
    Each area - Academic, Career / College, and Personal / Social - contains Explorations for student activities. You can easily customize the list of explorations for each grade.
  • Lesson Plans: Richer Picture includes 20-30 lesson plans for each grade level (6-12). Each lesson plan is designed for a 20-30 minute advisory period and can be adapted by your teachers.
  • Reports: Administrators, advisors and counselors can generate reports, showing student progress. Reports can be organized by grade, by advisory and by guidance counselor case load.

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