Use the Fully-Functioning Assessment System - Assessment Applications

Richer Picture provides a fully-functioning, personalized assessment system that allows you to add rubrics that can be as simple as a checklist or as complex as a multi-dimensional array. You can also utilize schoolwide rubrics, and share it with teachers and the entire faculty.

Rubric scores can come in the form of checkboxes or a gradebook-type format. You can fill in assessments that may include narratives and comments.

Your school can use this data to turn your scores into meaningful feedback.

  • Students and parents can see their assessments represented as badges and reports.
  • Teachers can use online calibration tools to try out new rubrics or to gain more consistency in their evaluations.
  • Administrators and guidance counselors can get reports - from broad overviews to detailed specifics - and see how students are doing in all areas, from academics to work habits.

The assessment system allows you to connect rubrics to grades, and track students' progress over time.