Professional Development: Workshop Topics

Richer Picture workshops can be provided on-site or blended (on-site and online).
All workshops can be offered as half-day introductions or full-day in-depth sessions.
Our PD sessions are interactive and system agnostic. Workshops can be customized to help implement and complement your school's and district's initiatives.
Additional support such as school coaching is also available to guide your faculty as they go through each step.

Digital Badges and Portfolios   

How do we get stated with digital badges and portfolios? Digital Badges are an exciting way for students to show their progress and for schools to implement competency-based teaching and learning. This session will introduce your faculty to the overall concepts and address three key aspects: defining badges that can be used schoolwide; aligning assignments and assessments to correspond to the badges; and creating portfolio presentations that show student achievement.

Student Success Plans   

Many schools ask students to set goals. How do we make sure that we follow-up? Student success plans (or individual learning plans) let students set their personal academic, career or social goals. With the help of a digital portfolio, students can then link the things they do in or out of school - from classroom assignments and projects to community service or internships - to those personal goals. In this session, you will see a variety of examples of how schools have implemented success plans so that students can get feedback and guidance on their goals and integrate their personal goals more closely to their daily work in school.

Virtual Lockers: Portfolios for College Admissions   

Are you ready for the newest changes in college admissions? A group of prominent colleges called the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success are now allowing students to create "virtual lockers" to contain their best work. This session addresses the key issues:

  • What can go into a virtual locker?
  • How do students decide what work is "portfolio-worthy"?
  • How do virtual lockers fit with what students and teachers already do in high school?

Using Data Dashboards Effectively   

Schools have access to more data than ever before - but are you able to use it effectively? This workshop will help schools look at both "hard" and "soft" data, ranging from credit counts and attendance records to personal goals and rubric scores. We will look at how teachers, advisors, counselors and administrators can help students examine their data closely and reflect on their areas of growth. We will also show Richer Picture's feedback features, which allow each student to have their own personal "news feed" so everyone involved with that student can provide feedback whenever it is needed.

Assessing Competencies and Standards: How Do we Decide What's ''Good Enough''?   

How good is ''good enough''? This workshop will look at two key techniques for improving your assessment. First, we will look at schoolwide rubrics, and how your school can use them across classes. This can help ensure that students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate your competencies. Second, we'll participate in a *calibration* exercise, where groups of educators work together to score sample student work. Calibration helps make sure that your rubrics are effective, and creates more consistent scoring across all faculty.

Upgrading Your Assignments: What Makes an Assignment "Portfolio-Worthy"?   

What makes an effective assignment? In this workshop, we will look at what makes an assignment "portfolio-worthy" ? that is, an assignment that provides useful evidence for students and is linked to your school's expectations. Participants will have a chance to review their own assignments and get feedback on the spot through peer-review exercises.

Curriculum Mapping and Digital Portfolios   

How can the feedback loop between curriculum mapping and digital portfolios work seamlessly? In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to see how teachers use curriculum maps to provide feedback on student work.


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