• ASCD Annual Conference
    Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
    Boston, Mass.
    March 24-26, 2018
    • Workshops:
      Personal Pathways to Competencies Using Digital Badges
      Saturday, March 24, 2018
      1:30 - 3:00 pm, Level 2, Room 261

      How can students show what they know? Digital badges are an effective method to help your school move towards proficiency (or competency)-based education. Badges and portfolios help ensure that all students are meeting competencies - while showing who they are as individual learners.
      We'll see samples of how schools define their digital badges. To earn badges, students must demonstrate key competencies, including academic standards, good work habits, and social/civic expectations. Students can then combine these badges into a digital portfolio, showing evidence of their growth over time.
      Throughout, you will see student samples and address the essential questions that help schools implement these strategies successfully: How do we define our badges? How do we create portfolio-worthy assignments/projects? How can we show student progress to various audiences (including college admissions)? These questions will help you get started at your site, and to adapt these strategies for your school's community.

      Digital Badges: Addressing the Essential Questions
      Saturday, March 24, 2018
      4:30 - 5:30 pm, Exhibit Hall, Booth 856

      Digital badges are an exciting way to help your school address two initiatives: competency-based education and personalized learning. You'll see samples of student digital badges across the curriculum, from reading and writing to programming and the arts. To earn badges, students display their best work from their classroom assignments or online projects. Students can combine these badges into a digital portfolio, showing evidence of their growth over time. We'll discuss strategies that help schools bring badges to life, including:
      •  Linking Badges to Competencies;
      •  Creating Individual Learning Plans;
      •  Presentations of Student Work;
      •  Personalizing Projects and Quests.

      Visit us at Booth 1530 in the Exhibit Hall to learn more